Bill Clinton on Family Guy

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Family Guy was on Sunday. This was easily the funniest scene of the episode, couldn’t stop laughing … enjoy!


Most exciting CL season ever?

•March 11, 2007 • 2 Comments

I’m getting chills already. The draw was made for the quarterfinals of the 2006-2007 Champions League. Check this out: Milan v Bayern, PSV v Liverpool, Roma v Man U, Chelsea v Valencia. First legs to be played on April 3/4.

Despite my relentless hatred of Gerrard and Liverpool, I’m still happy to see three English clubs in the competitions, although I was extremely disappointed to not see Henry (greatest player in history) and Arsenal (my original pick to win the CL this year) in the quarter-finals.

Here are my predictions for the remainder of the competition…

Semi-finals: Chelsea v PSV, Milan v Man U.

Finals: Chelsea v Man U.

Winner: Chelsea.

Am I being to biased towards English clubs? As a Turk, should I be reciprocating the same animosity the English feel towards the Turks? Probably not, I hate the racist English fans, not the clubs; especially Arsenal, there are hardly any English players on it.

Stayed tuned for a blog entry about Champions League money.

USA’s most walkable cities

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Personally, I’m not too big on walking. Unless I’m trying to get somewhere. </duh> Once in a blue moon I try to go for a leisurely stroll, but I still power walk; my mind is always on the run I guess. The last time I went for a walk just for the heck of it was at least four months ago, along the Seattle waterfront. It was a fantastic day, not too many people around at the time.

Seattle has not only been picked the smartest city in the country (jumped from #3 to #1 after I moved here), but it’s also been picked the healthiest city in the country. And now it’s on the top 10 of another list: the country’s most walkable cities. Here’s the complete top ten:

1. Madison, Wisconsin
2. Austin, Texas
3. San Francisco, California
4. Charlotte, North Carolina
5. Seattle, Washington
6. Henderson, Nevada
7. San Diego, California
8. San Jose, California
9. Chandler, Arizona
10. Virginia Beach, Virginia

I should go jogging next weekend.

A philosophical discussion

•February 14, 2007 • 9 Comments


Mr. Cool™ says:they expect u to slide to keep the guy from blowing u off the edge, yet while u slide he shoots lightning bolts at you which u have to jump to avoid but u can’t jump because you’re sliding!!!!

Mr. Cool™ says:god damn, game over

Mr. Cool™ says:I swear I will destroy this game

Mr. Cool™ says:I’ll take the disc while it’s still spinning

Mr. Cool™ says:put it in my mouthMr. Cool™ says:chomp on it and break it in two

Mr. Cool™ says:chew it up into a million piecesMr. Cool™ says:and spit it in the trash.

Oguz says:thats really specificOguz says:but Oguz says:if ur gonna break into a million pieces, why specify first breaking it into twp

Oguz says:two Oguz says:might as well include 10 pieces and 3000 pieces while ur at it

Mr. Cool™ says:because u gotta chomp it once to get it going Mr. Cool™ says:chomping does not equal chewing

Oguz says:it does

Oguz says:chewing is just incessant (sp?) chompingMr. Cool™ says:no a chomp is more intense

Oguz says:then why not chomp it into a million pieces, ud reach ur goal much fasterMr. Cool™ says:bcz chomps can only be done once or twice in a row

Oguz says:whyMr. Cool™ says:they require more effort

Oguz says:but it breaks the cd into more pieces right?Oguz says:so I guess the question is

Oguz says:is you chomping the CD worth the extra energy if it gets to a million pieces faster?Mr. Cool™ says:no

Mr. Cool™ says:bcz once u chew it a while it gets all mushy anywaysMr. Cool™ says:and you’d probably be in too much pain by the time u reach that point Mr. Cool™ says:what with all the cd splinters in your mouth

Oguz says:i see

Oguz says:so what you’re saying isOguz says:you’re already gonna be in painyou don’t wanna spend any more energy chomping on it as well

Mr. Cool™ says:ok let’s drop thisMr. Cool™ says:I beat the level anyways

Mr. Cool™ says:it’s like yesterday I was talking about the coOkie monster with another one of the RAsMr. Cool™ says:I was like “it’s so inefficient how all the coOkies just fall out of his mouth”

Mr. Cool™ says:so we ended up devising a whole gadget that would allow the puppeteer to eat the coOkiesMr. Cool™ says:first u put a tube in the back of coOkie monster’s mouth so the crumbs can go down it

Mr. Cool™ says:u also make saliva glands which secreet milk to soften up the coOkie chunksMr. Cool™ says:and you install a George Forman grill in the upper and lower parts of his mouth so that it will warm up it up

Mr. Cool™ says:so what u get is a nice warm mushy sweet coOkie puree flowing directly into the puppeteer’s mouthOguz says:can i copy and paste this conversation on my blog?

Mr. Cool™ says:u actually think it’s blog-worthy??Mr. Cool™ says:sure, I don’t see why not

Oguz says:ok

Georgia Vs. Turkey – Feb 7, 2007

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Oh, my motley crew of under-paid disappointments, how I’ve missed you all. I will be at work, so I won’t be able to watch the game–damn the time difference–but if anyone can, they should. Show TV will be broadcasting it online, and it’s terrific quality. Here is our squad:

Volkan, Hamit, Ibrahim Uzulmez, Tuncay, Arda, Halil, Sabri, Tugay, Aydın, Servet, Aurelio.

  • Emre and my fellow Antakya denizen Gokhan Zan are injured, but their presence won’t really be missed against a weak team like Georgia.
  • Tugay has been called back for what some people claimed would be his jubilee, but I guess Fatih Terim denied any such possibility. So my guess is this won’t be Tugay’s last game.
  • Speaking of which, Fatih Terim will break a record today; this will be his 55th game with the national side, the longest ever apparently. His track record so far, according to Milliyet: 27 wins, 15 draws, and 12 losses.

The video to end all the world’s problems

•January 27, 2007 • 1 Comment

There’s nothing more pure than a baby’s laughter. And no, he’s not wasted. Enjoy:

Novels to your e-mail

•January 22, 2007 • 4 Comments

I found a fantastic site through a link on one of my favorite blogs, winterspeak. It’s called Daily Lit, and delivers daily all the great classics of literature to your e-mail inbox in small, readable portions. Perfect for anyone who thinks they don’t have time in their busy schedules to commit to a book (you always have time!). From Edwin Abbott to Emile Zola, there’s a huge selection of works to pick from. My first subscription: Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence.