Secret of the Sopranos finale revealed!

As Tony walks into the diner, he stops and scopes the area. Notice that it immediately cuts to him sitting in the booth, and also notice that he isn’t even wearing the same shirt he originally came into the diner with! That was a dead giveaway: what happens from then on out is his warped mind imagining how a possible hit on him and his family could occur if it were to happen that day, and in that diner.

I don’t have to tell you that the next three or four minutes of the show (that don’t really happen) are obviously quite tense. As Tony imagines all the shady people walking into the diner, and considers all the possible hitmen who could be surrounding him at that moment, he starts to panic, his heart beats faster and his palms start to sweat…much like the millions of viewers who were watching the Sopranos that night. David Chase basically plucked us out of our homes and our comfy sofas and put us in the terror-striken head of Tony Soprano, whose every day (you now find out through this brilliant piece of directing) is filled with fear and uncertainty.

As Meadow parks her car and walks inside the diner to join her dysfunctional family, Tony looks up and indeed does comes face to face with his killer…who is positioned between himself and Meadow. He reaches for his gun (probably), but is too late.

Tony’s reason for including his family in this fantasy is because of the simple fact that he himself watched his own father die in front of his eyes, that too under similar circumstances. He imagined A.J. going through the same horrific experience (a chill runs down my spine everytime I imagine Tony dead…it just can’t happen!).

The second the screen turned black, two things happened. One, Tony was shot in his imagination. Obviously. And two, in reality, Tony had a panic attack and passed out just as the words “Don’t stop” were playing over the jukebox. David Chase, being the genius that he is, brought the series in a full circle; remember scene one, episode one, season one, when Tony met his shrink for the first time to discuss his panic attack?

This epiphany came to me today as I was drinking my Starbucks green tea, which is my new obsession. I can’t get enough of it. Apparently, it’s good for your heart and also your brain…and this proves that it works! The online forums are overflowing with different theories about what truly happened in the final episode, scpeifically, the final scene. These theories have ranged from the cheesy (the audience was whacked), to the obvious (Tony was whacked) to the boring (nothing happened). Well let me tell you that one thing is for certain, ‘nothing’ didn’t happen. I don’t want to sound cocky or anything, but three years from now, David Chase will reveal this to be his true intention for the episode.


~ by ziddi on June 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Secret of the Sopranos finale revealed!”

  1. Man, im gonna get some of that tea. I watched the last five min a couple of times now, and i really see where your getting. thanks

  2. Um. tony is wearing the same shirt the whole time, he is wearing a two tone shirt and when he comes in he is wearing a jacket that covers the darker part of his shirt, but if you look closer you will see the color in the center of his shirt is the same.

  3. useful info

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