Possibly the most disgusting thing ever?

Fear Factor used to be one of my favorite shows. In the one philosophy class I took a few years ago, the professor described FF as “hands down, the best show ever”, adding that no other show did a better job in illustrating thousands of years of outright decay brought upon human society by money. A couple of shows have come close to FF in their ability to highlight the dark side of human beings (watching husbands abandon their wives in times of danger on ‘Scare Tactics’, or finding out that we are, in general, not really that much smarter than a fifth grader) but no show will ever match the human filth that’s aired on Fear Factor.

Now having said that…

All of the characters you see on Fear Factor are there for one reason, and one reason only. The dough. The bread. The jack, if you will. I’ve grown accustomed to the desperation that’s crammed into the show, and which makes it what it is. After a certain point, the shock of someone drinking a blended rat simply turns into downright pity.

Then you run into a video the one below, on youtube, where an attractive girl, with no financial incentive whatsoever, eats a praying mantis. Granted, she clearly lost a bet or something and had to do it, but she seemed like she was in familiar territory when she snapped that little creature’s neck in half and chewed it with little sign of revulsion.

It’s fun to think to yourself… how much money would it take for me to eat something like that?


~ by ziddi on June 6, 2007.

6 Responses to “Possibly the most disgusting thing ever?”

  1. I’d normally give her a 9/10…but after watching what she did, I’ll have to knock her down to a 7.

  2. More proof that beauty and brains never occupy the same female body.

  3. i’m not a bug eater generally, but for, say, $100 AND a deepfryer this redneck would chomp away…gotta deep fry it first though…lol

  4. emm… love it.

  5. Wow this is sad. why kill a innocent praying mantis .. what the hell did it do u to? did it eat u NO.. poor thing.. it looked so cute ..fuck u all

  6. Of course it didnt do anything to you, But youve got to fucking live! we are meant to eat like this! We are human beings, the top of the food chain! we own all!! I Mean, Seriously. If your so worried and willy nilly on What we meat eaters eat, plants have feelings to. there. Fuck man! eat what you eat to survive@

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