Greece 1 – 4 Turkey

Football isn’t just a game. I would’ve said the same thing had Greece beat Turkey. The excitement that surrounds matchday is unparalleled in a man’s life; the only thing that comes close is probably the birth of your first child, although I wouldn’t know what that feels like, so let’s just assume for now that childbirth is number 1, and matchday number 2. Having said that, I truly hope no pregnant women were watching the game. I couldn’t even blog about the game yesterday because 1) I didn’t have any energy left over 2) I wanted the enormity of the victory to sink in so I could string together a few decent words rather than just say “TURKEY RULES!!!! GREECE SUCKS!!!!” which is unfortunately the most civilizeddialogue going on right now in forums and other general areas where Turks and Greeks seem to converge. But I think that sort of childish behavior is relegated to the online world; there were no fights when and where I watched it, in fact, the Greeks even congratulated the Turks on what they thought was our best performance ever. Check out the highlights below (I couldn’t find one with English commentary), and I shall continue…


Some thoughts:  

  • If Turkey keeps up this performance everysingle game, not only will we top this group easily, we will be the first to qualify for Euro ’08, and will be serious contenders.

  • If the Turkish players are still in seventh heaven while the Norwegians are on the pitch Wednesday this week, then we will lose unnecessary points and make this victory against Greece worth nothing. I have tremendous faith in Fatih Terim’s (I’ve heard American professors call Turkish students named Fatih ‘Faith’) ability to snap players back to reality.

  • UEFA should evaluate the Greek fans’ behavior; everything but the kitchen sink was thrown on the poor Turkish players. Also, from what I heard, after the game the Greeks fought among themselves too, which is a very Turkish thing to do; I guess we’re more similar than we thought.



~ by ziddi on March 26, 2007.

5 Responses to “Greece 1 – 4 Turkey”

  1. I really think we will come out of this group on top with the best chances to advance into the higher ranks of the tournament. I still think that Hakan is a little outdated and needs to sit on the sidelines more. The youngsters have such a good game going for them but Terim’s choice to keep pushing for Hakan might hurt us badly. Either way, I’ll be in the stadiums in Euro 2008…. That’s a great clip…

  2. I hope to go too. Maybe with my brother or cousins. We should go to the games together.

  3. … and wave the flag up high above the rest… Count me in…

    I think at least one of my brothers is coming too. We’ll see…

  4. ıts greek bad football

  5. That was a good performance, but not our best. Our best performance was in 2002 and we need to surpass that in 2008, It’s been long overdue and us fans have waited long enough. What this proves is that Greece (the “European champions”) are NOTHING to us.

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