Most exciting CL season ever?

I’m getting chills already. The draw was made for the quarterfinals of the 2006-2007 Champions League. Check this out: Milan v Bayern, PSV v Liverpool, Roma v Man U, Chelsea v Valencia. First legs to be played on April 3/4.

Despite my relentless hatred of Gerrard and Liverpool, I’m still happy to see three English clubs in the competitions, although I was extremely disappointed to not see Henry (greatest player in history) and Arsenal (my original pick to win the CL this year) in the quarter-finals.

Here are my predictions for the remainder of the competition…

Semi-finals: Chelsea v PSV, Milan v Man U.

Finals: Chelsea v Man U.

Winner: Chelsea.

Am I being to biased towards English clubs? As a Turk, should I be reciprocating the same animosity the English feel towards the Turks? Probably not, I hate the racist English fans, not the clubs; especially Arsenal, there are hardly any English players on it.

Stayed tuned for a blog entry about Champions League money.


~ by ziddi on March 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Most exciting CL season ever?”

  1. its has been exciting … No one team is better than the other

  2. not bad, almost got all the semifinalists right!

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