A philosophical discussion


Mr. Cool™ says:they expect u to slide to keep the guy from blowing u off the edge, yet while u slide he shoots lightning bolts at you which u have to jump to avoid but u can’t jump because you’re sliding!!!!

Mr. Cool™ says:god damn, game over

Mr. Cool™ says:I swear I will destroy this game

Mr. Cool™ says:I’ll take the disc while it’s still spinning

Mr. Cool™ says:put it in my mouthMr. Cool™ says:chomp on it and break it in two

Mr. Cool™ says:chew it up into a million piecesMr. Cool™ says:and spit it in the trash.

Oguz says:thats really specificOguz says:but Oguz says:if ur gonna break into a million pieces, why specify first breaking it into twp

Oguz says:two Oguz says:might as well include 10 pieces and 3000 pieces while ur at it

Mr. Cool™ says:because u gotta chomp it once to get it going Mr. Cool™ says:chomping does not equal chewing

Oguz says:it does

Oguz says:chewing is just incessant (sp?) chompingMr. Cool™ says:no a chomp is more intense

Oguz says:then why not chomp it into a million pieces, ud reach ur goal much fasterMr. Cool™ says:bcz chomps can only be done once or twice in a row

Oguz says:whyMr. Cool™ says:they require more effort

Oguz says:but it breaks the cd into more pieces right?Oguz says:so I guess the question is

Oguz says:is you chomping the CD worth the extra energy if it gets to a million pieces faster?Mr. Cool™ says:no

Mr. Cool™ says:bcz once u chew it a while it gets all mushy anywaysMr. Cool™ says:and you’d probably be in too much pain by the time u reach that point Mr. Cool™ says:what with all the cd splinters in your mouth

Oguz says:i see

Oguz says:so what you’re saying isOguz says:you’re already gonna be in painyou don’t wanna spend any more energy chomping on it as well

Mr. Cool™ says:ok let’s drop thisMr. Cool™ says:I beat the level anyways

Mr. Cool™ says:it’s like yesterday I was talking about the coOkie monster with another one of the RAsMr. Cool™ says:I was like “it’s so inefficient how all the coOkies just fall out of his mouth”

Mr. Cool™ says:so we ended up devising a whole gadget that would allow the puppeteer to eat the coOkiesMr. Cool™ says:first u put a tube in the back of coOkie monster’s mouth so the crumbs can go down it

Mr. Cool™ says:u also make saliva glands which secreet milk to soften up the coOkie chunksMr. Cool™ says:and you install a George Forman grill in the upper and lower parts of his mouth so that it will warm up it up

Mr. Cool™ says:so what u get is a nice warm mushy sweet coOkie puree flowing directly into the puppeteer’s mouthOguz says:can i copy and paste this conversation on my blog?

Mr. Cool™ says:u actually think it’s blog-worthy??Mr. Cool™ says:sure, I don’t see why not

Oguz says:ok

~ by ziddi on February 14, 2007.

9 Responses to “A philosophical discussion”

  1. dude… u on pot?

  2. lol, bash.org material.

  3. Noel…maybe.


  4. Did you submit, or shall i?

  5. lol… ..i wish i cud come across anyone half as interesting as Mr. Cool

  6. Mr. Half cool?

  7. err… yea.. maybe… though…does he exist? 🙂

  8. Mr. Cool does indeed exist!! I’m glad you all found our discussion so amusing. It’s a mere glimpse at what goes on in my head 24/7. Yeah, I’m constantly coming up with ingenious yet perverse ideas like that! So there you have it.

  9. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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