Georgia Vs. Turkey – Feb 7, 2007

Oh, my motley crew of under-paid disappointments, how I’ve missed you all. I will be at work, so I won’t be able to watch the game–damn the time difference–but if anyone can, they should. Show TV will be broadcasting it online, and it’s terrific quality. Here is our squad:

Volkan, Hamit, Ibrahim Uzulmez, Tuncay, Arda, Halil, Sabri, Tugay, Aydın, Servet, Aurelio.

  • Emre and my fellow Antakya denizen Gokhan Zan are injured, but their presence won’t really be missed against a weak team like Georgia.
  • Tugay has been called back for what some people claimed would be his jubilee, but I guess Fatih Terim denied any such possibility. So my guess is this won’t be Tugay’s last game.
  • Speaking of which, Fatih Terim will break a record today; this will be his 55th game with the national side, the longest ever apparently. His track record so far, according to Milliyet: 27 wins, 15 draws, and 12 losses.

~ by ziddi on February 7, 2007.

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