Is Hillary the next President?

Good article on BBC news with some early analysis on the long campaign ahead. I agree particularly with the bolded paragraph: I’ve witnessed first hand a Congressional candidate in my own state losing an otherwise well-run election campaign to a terrible incumbent simply on the basis of her gender. People are probably afraid a woman in office at a time of war will start crying and go on a crazy shopping spree to ‘get her mind off things for a while’.

  • Senator Clinton regularly comes top in polls asking Democrats who they would like their 2008 White House candidate to be.
  • But Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, is not so certain that Hillary Clinton will be waltzing into the White House any time soon. “And I have never understood how someone could spend so much time around Bill Clinton and be such a wooden speaker”
  • In the states that are first to choose their preferred presidential candidate, he adds, she is not doing as well. He says the intensely committed party activists in those states may fear she cannot win a national election and will shy away from her. 
  • But it would be equally unwise to bet that the US will elect a woman president when the country is at war – much less one who is already reviled by a substantial minority of Americans for her perceived liberalism and association with Bill Clinton.

~ by ziddi on January 21, 2007.

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