Most of the coverage surrounding Beckham’s transfer to LA Galaxy has been about the inflated salary he’ll be earning once he completes his transfer in June. He’ll be taking home $250 million over a period of 10 years, which is twice what the current record holder A-Rod earns.

There’s actually a writer over at Slate who claims that Beckham’s transfer will ultimately be bad for American football, considering that his pay doens’t really match his true footballing ability, and that this will actually hurt the other good players in the league. Granted Beckham is mediocre, at best, vis-a-vis his skills on the pitch, but the reason why MLS clubs can’t transfer, say Cannavaro or Ronaldinho is because only Beckham is capable of paying his own salary through endorsements and such; only $50 of the $250 million will come straight from his new club, the rest being paid for through endorsements and such

In Madrid, he earns $7.7 million a year, and approximately $30 million more from sponsors, although half of the latter figure goes to the Spanish club. So he will actually be getting a raise once here. What’s more, Beckham has always indicated that he longs for the relative privacy he gets whenever he’s in the States; it’s no secret that he’s concerned about the safety of his family after recent kidnapping attempts, and if I were him, I too would feel much safer in the States rather than Europe, although that might change once his wife starts hanging out with Paris and Lindsay.

All in all, Beckham will get to play more, he’ll get to finally realize his lifelong dream of opening football schools for youth in the States, and he will obviously get paid well for doing it, but I do feel bad that he’ll be ending his career in the most obscure league in the world. He’ll be looked down upon by his compatriots in Europe, much more–I think–than those players who take their fading careers to Saudi Arabia or Qatar, like Figo for instance. However, I’d hate to see him–as I’m sure we will–relegated to tabloids and celebrity red-carpet events rather than FIFA award ceremonies.

~ by ziddi on January 15, 2007.

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