Tigger attacking a kid

You must have heard this on the news: Tigger hits a kid as he tries to pose for a picture with his brothers. At first I thought I’d blame the kid for what happened; he was probably messing with Tigger’s suit or something, which is what I thought provoked Pooh’s temperamental little buddy, but then I wondered whether these guys at Disneyland undergo any sort of training whatsoever before they start getting into these suits. You can’t just clock a kid for something as stupid as pulling on your suit. But then I read a couple of the comments on YouTube, and concluded that it was just a mistake. You can’t see much out of those suits, especially something that’s standing right beside you. What probably happened was Tigger lost his balance (his feet are backed up against the concrete), and in his frantic attempt to grab onto something, he hit the poor kid standing next to him. I’m curious to see what the outcome of this whole case will be. Personally, I don’t think Disney owes the family anything other than an apology, which they’ve already given, but you never know, they might end up milking Mickey et al for a considerable amount of dough.

~ by ziddi on January 10, 2007.

One Response to “Tigger attacking a kid”

  1. I can see the headline now, Tiggerists are everywhere, stop them! lol

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