Last raves & rants of 2006

  • It was my birthday a couple of days ago. I spent the evening with family going to my favorite restaurant and then a movie. The movie–the Departed–was good and everything, but I realized that it seems as if it’s in a movie theatre where all the different types of people I despise come to congregate. For instance, the type of people I hate the most are those who don’t have any table manners, who ruin the experience of dining for others by chewing like a horse. Well why is it that I always end up sitting in front of that horse incarnate at a movie? Millions of years of evolution, and yet we can’t even learn to chew pop corn without causing a racket. Other people I hate are those who think they know how a movie is going to unfold before anyone else. You can hear the sporadic “ooohhhhhh”s and “aaaaahhhhhh”s; like we care for their speedy cognitive abilities. In years past, I have–on several occasions–made my annoyance clear to the people in question, but I’ve found this spoils the rest of the evening for me, so I just ignore the incessant chomping and the annoying teenagers, and try to focus on the movie.
  • Speaking of movies, I saw Derailed on DVD yesterday, and if you’re into thrillers and such, I highly recommend it. It’s about two strangers who are on the brink of having an affair, but are attacked and mugged in the process. The assailant then starts to blackmail both of them knowing that the two can’t afford to have their affair made public. Must see!
  • Speaking of Derailed, I saw the complete video of Saddam’s execution on some shady website. It was really sad, whatever your opinion on the guy is. There were people taunting him as they tied the noose around his neck, and he snapped back by asking them ‘Is this bravery?’. After seeing some of the consequences of USA’s exploits on the streets of Iraq, I actually feel sorry for Saddam, and I hope that the day arrives when they rue his execution. By the way, why is Bush afraid of Muqtada al-Sadr? Because he doesn’t want Shiite to hit the fan.
  • Happy new year to everyone in advance. My new year’s resolution is definitely to post more frequently. I believe I only had 3 posts in December, which is unacceptable, even by recreational blogger standards, unacceptable I say.

~ by ziddi on January 1, 2007.

6 Responses to “Last raves & rants of 2006”

  1. Let me first wish you a happy birthday!..
    Then a happy new year..
    and finally a happy Bayram, if that’s your thing.. (if you’re like, me, you’re just going thru the motions, calling relatives etc.)
    Finally, Saddam.. Yes it is a sad situation..
    What no one is asking is this:.. Pre-invasion… where would Iraq have been without him? Did he play a part in the secularization of Iraq? and if so, is this not at least one singe good thing he accomplished? (among countless other bad deeds, I’m sure) but it’s a big one. Regrettably, religious fundamentalists can only be controlled with ruthless force… as we can now see pretty clearly in Iraq.

  2. Happy bayram to you too…but I can get away with not having to call my relatives, what with inter-continental calling being so expensive and all…tee hee…

    As for Saddam, I’m beginning to believe the whole point of the invasion was for Bush to get revenge for the assassination attempt on Bush Sr; Bush is too simple of a guy to have a grand democratic scheme for the Middle East.

    Even if that’s the case, they should’ve handled the execution better. Somebody said the scene looked like something out of the 18th century rather than 21st century justice. They could’ve set an example, and kept the guy alive to use a bargaining chip in the future, but no…

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Amen to the more posting – we need updates..

    I don’t think anyone can deny it was a little heartbreaking, even if you hated him, to see someone so powerful be executed just like that… I myself could not watch the video but I pray that as everyone else who perishes, may Allah rest his soul in peace…

    S x

  4. Thank you seroo. I will try my best to post more, sometimes I underestimate how relaxing blogging can be. By the way, if you use MSN Messenger, add me to your list, I’m (Don’t laugh, I got that address back in 9th grade)

  5. ahhhh the 9th grade email that you don’t ever want to change ’cause everyone has it =)

  6. lol, you still use that one? Man, back then getting a cool email address was all the rage, all the twits do now is put their name followed by either their birth date or the current year(which i think is the mail clients standard if you try a used one).

    Late Happy Birthday and New Year to you.

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