Snow in Seattle

It’s not everyday that it snows here. But when it does, I almost always find myself caught off guard. The snow from last night melted away, so I thought it was safe to go to work in my regular attire. Mistake. It started to snow almost as soon as I got there, and the trek back home was tough, even though it was visually soothing.




The worst part is where the snow starts to melt, but doesn’t completely disappear. Now that’s a recipe for some major embaressment. Back in my freshman year at the U (when I lived in the dorms) the fire alarm rang, which meant we had to evacuate our cozy bathroom-sized rooms and wait outside for the building to be cleared. There was a relatively steep incline that led away from the dorms to the main campus, and I thought instead of simply waiting there, I might just walk around in the snow (that was the first time I had seen snow in Seattle), and what better way to embaress yourself in front of all your fellow dorm residents than to slide all the down the hill, falling onto my knees and frantically trying to grab a hold of anything I could get my hands on.

After that little incident, I vowed that I’d never let anything like that happen again, so if the snow that’s building up right now doesn’t completely melt by the morning, I’m staying home all day tomorrow.

~ by ziddi on November 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “Snow in Seattle”

  1. How Pretty!

    As a general rule, I don’t like anything falling from the sky – even if it is pretty white snow the second it sets. I remember being so excited the first (couple) of snowfalls I experienced at Uni, but the second the snow started to melt, then freeze, then melt, then sludge, I began to detest it. It’s pretty to look at when it first sets, fun to play with with your friends, but not cool when it takes you 15 minutes to walk 10 yards because you’re sliding like a penguin on a capsized boat. Not cool at all.

    Haven’t had the time to update, who does? Sadness in my world…

  2. next time use golf shoes, i hear they hold pretty good… 😛

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