Borat: One day remaining!

I’m hyped about Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. I’m pretty confident it’ll be the year’s biggest hit, and rightfully so. Sacha Baron Cohen did an incredible job promoting the movie.

I was out with a few friends today, and when the subject of Borat came up (as it usually does), one of the friends in question declared that she would boycott the movie because it was racist and played on stupid stereotypes. Now, since I took a vow to keep this blog mostly G-rated, I won’t be able to tell you the response I thought about giving her, but I didn’t keep quiet. The truth had to be told; I said, quite confidently, that Borat in fact represented all that was good and holy in the world.

How, you may ask?

Borat/Ali G often finds himself in the company of a lot of uptight morons (think Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump). These people who, in their youth, probably never experienced anything remotely fun, have also made it their mission to deny other people their fun by claiming to uphold all that is moral and socially acceptable, and rejecting anything that doesn’t comply with their own norms. 

These are the type of people who, if you were stuck in a burning building, would ignore you and just go about their business. These are the type of people who care for nobody but themselves. Ultimately, these are the imbeciles who are responsible for wars on terror, and third-world poverty.

Borat has every right in the world to make a fool of them, and we have every right (I consider it more of a duty) to watch him and laugh along. Once people learn to lighten up, stop trying to turn everything into a PC-fest, and watch Borat/Ali G on a regular basis, then maybe–just maybe–people of different races, religions, whatever can come together and realize that even though we may look/act different on the outside, we can all still enjoy Borat calling women dimwitted creatures with a social standing lower than that of a horse.

As the New York Times review says: And a sampling of comments on blogs where you can watch some of the older Borat routines, including a singalong in an Arizona bar with the refrain “Throw the Jew down the well,” indicates that the Anti-Defamation League is at least partly right: some people are definitely not in on the joke, though only because some people are too stupid and too racist to understand that the joke is on them.

And finally, a clip:

~ by ziddi on November 3, 2006.

13 Responses to “Borat: One day remaining!”

  1. I bet you didn’t go, but if I lost let me know.

  2. I can’t WAIT to see this. Kazakhstan should be PAYING him for the exposure. Only the dumbest sack of doorknobs fails to understand that he could do the same character for ANY country in Asia or the Middle East. He picked one which everyone knows very little about, but that is changing thanks to his efforts. Everyone’s laughing at the character and what he says about a clearly fictional Kazakhstan. Kazakhs are offended for good reason, but they insult our intelligence if they think we accept Cohen’s portayal as truth.

  3. Very well said Murat… what Conan did for Finland (late night TV enthusiats will know), Cohen just did for Kazakhstan. If someone sees this movie and thinks of it as a documentary rather than a comedic masterpiece, then that person is too stupid to be targetted by Kazakhstan for touristic purposes anyway.

    The movie itself didn’t disappoint. But if you’re going to see it, you really need to be open-minded, and whatever you do, do NOT take a family member with you!

  4. The Ambassador to the UK himself acknowledged that the region would never get this much coverage if not for Cohen’s portrayal. I wish i could see it…

  5. So I take it they’re not going to show the movie in Bahrain?

  6. to answer your question above – probably not..

    I saw it last night… needless to say, I burst the blood vessels in my face from laughing so hard… I really haven’t laughed that hard at the movies in a very, very long time…

    Let me know when you watch it 🙂

  7. ugh emoticons… i hate it when they come up in the screen… let’s do this again…

    “Let me know when you watch it : ) ”

    so much better…

  8. Knowing Bahrain, itll be out on DVD before a hint of it hits the cinema. Superman, and even MI 3 still hasnt hit the halls, and i think the DVD one came out long ago.

    btw seroo, did you get here thru me, or do you know of this blog?

  9. Blayde, this blog doesn’t have to be ‘discovered’, and I resent the implication; ZiddiBLOG is a household name, much like Yahoo, or that other one (Gogle or something). Seroo is just following the latest trends…….

    Update: A Turkish man now claims to be the real borat… yeesh.

  10. or that other one (Gogle or something)

    hahahaha. my mistake, i forget you turn up #1 on most search results

  11. blayde, how do you know ziddi get through to you through me? : ) aaahhh the secrets of the world wide web! Secrets you shall never know…

    Ziddi is a household name like nesquick is to bunnies. And I’m certainly no “trend follower”, but a spotter of what I liker when I see it….

    Lot’s of love to that nesquick bunny… lot’s of lovin’…

  12. I assumed cos his link is on my blogroll and i know ppl sometimes wander away from my site cos of all the boredom

  13. what boredom? 🙂

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