Turks, Scots, Greeks win: 1-0s all around

The Greeks are at it again, winning their games with the slightest of margins and impressions. The Greeks only had two shots on target in their 1-0 victory against Norway; if I were a home supporter, I’d be pissed as hell at that statistic. Furthermore, Athens was soaked in rain, and the game was delayed by an hour or so, not a good place to be for a team playing away from home.

Turkey won 1-0 as well, against Hungary, but they did this away from home, and with nine shots on goal. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch this game but I’ll post the highlights of this second fixture in the Euro 2008 section as soon as I get my hands on it. . Moral of the story: Turkey needs to be winning by a greater margin, if not for the fans, then for the sake of Goal Difference.

The Scots have beaten France 1-0 to top their group! As much as love the French team, it’s time we see some underachievers make it to the big tournaments, so good job to Gary Caldwell and Scotland.

~ by ziddi on October 7, 2006.

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