Starbucks counting pennies

Question of the day: 

If someone pays $2 for espresso, then fills half the cup with milk at the condiment bar, is that stealing?

People are saving $1 to $2 a cup — sometimes more, if they use half-and-half or get extra shots — with creative ordering from the complicated menus of the coffee world.

While Starbucks is keeping mum on the do-it-yourself dairy phenomenon, its baristas are flaming customers online.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the biggest Starbucks zombie out there; besides going there every single morning before work as part of my morning ritual, we at the office also listen to The Voice of Music at Starbucks on XM radio almost religiously.

So I can’t even imagine how much business I’ve given The Empire, and I’m not complaining; I’ll continue to pay exorbitantly for a cup of coffee that I could’ve easily bought for half the price at the local coffeeshop next door. I’m addicted.

So who do these baristas think they are complaining about these handful of people trying to save a few bucks, when this clearly doesn’t affect their salary (since these activities aren’t that widespread) or their fantastic health benefits.

Whatever Starbucks is doing is obviously working for them. There will always be shirkers everywhere, and because this doesn’t hurt The Empire the least bit, it’s surely not worth scolding anyone over something as silly as this.

~ by ziddi on September 12, 2006.

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