George Galloway: My new hero

I stumbled upon this video of George Galloway tearing Sky News a new one during an interview on Israel‘s unrelenting occupation of Lebanon.

It brought a tear to my eye to see how passionate he was in defending the opressed and I think it’s everyone’s moral duty as human beings to see this video and forward it to as many people as possible.

I agree with the person who commented on the video, who said that this interview would go down in history as a milestone.  

Who is George Galloway?

GEORGE GALLOWAY is the Frank Sinatra of politics. The Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow does it his way, whether it is taking on Big Brother or an American Senate committee.

Mistakes he’s made a few, including his salutation to Sadism Hussein.

Except it wasn’t Saddam he was saluting but his indefatigable people.

The latest is an interview with GQ magazine in which George agreed he could understand why some suicide bombers might believe blowing up Tony Blair was morally justifiable.

George, however, was not suggesting Blair should be assassinated, merely attempting -as indeed Cherie Blair, he said, once did – that sometimes desperate people are driven to desperate acts.

When he was voted out, pundits said it was political death and he could never be taken seriously again. Except in this year’s English council elections, Respect gained 17 seats. 

And here is another video with Jon Snow owning Israeli deputy ambassador Zvi Ravner in an interview.  

~ by ziddi on September 3, 2006.

One Response to “George Galloway: My new hero”

  1. Hi there, Galloway is one of my heroes too – i’d just like to point out however, that he has never been ‘voted out’. He was expelled from the Labour party (Blair’s party) because of his opposition to the Iraq war (he compared Bush and Blair to wolves and said that soldiers should refuse to fight in an illegal war) but he has never been voted out by the public. He has been an MP since about 1987, being voted in again and again at every election.

    After being expelled by Labout, he helped to form the socialist, anti-war party Respect at the beginning of 2004 and he challenged a pro-war Blairite MP, Oona King, in the 2005 general elections – he won, managing to overturn her huge majority (she had a pretty safe seat up until Galloway challenged her).

    His election as a Respect MP is also historic – it is the first time for 60 years that a left of Labour party has gained a seat in Parliament.

    We have about 18 councillors now as well as one MP – with possibly some more councillors defecting to Respect over the next few weeks. This is an amazing record for a new party that does not have huge donors as the main parties do and is all but ignored by the mainstream media!

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