Real Madrid 1 – 1 DC United

This was the first game I had seen live since Besiktas-Diyarbakirspor, which was almost a year ago. Other than the extremely annoying (and intoxicated) 3 guys sitting in front of me–who somehow took it upon themselves to try and start a mexican wave every other minute–it was an extremely entertaining game; not for any great attempts on goal, or outstanding dribbling, neither of which was seen in this game, but for the simple reason that we were watching Adu, Cannavaro, Beckham, Roberto Carlos and company together on the same pitch. Living in a city that doesn’t even have a Major League Soccer team, it was a great 90 minutes, no matter how light some of the players were taking it.

Here is a quick recap: Cassano scored, Ruud missed easy chances from point-blank range (truly painful to watch today), Cannavaro proved why he was the best player in the World Cup, and DC United–in a game that was clearly the highlight of their upcoming season, no matter what the result–should definitely be happy with the fact that they even scored a goal with their single shot on goal.

~ by ziddi on August 10, 2006.

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