Turkish intervention in Iraq

Great article in the Turkish Weekly on why Turkey has a right to intervene in Iraq to eradicate the PKK if Israel has a right to intervene in Lebanon to eradicate Hezbollah. USA’s ambassador to Turkey said that Turkey should be in constant talks with the US over any actions they might take, so this article really does open your eyes to the hypocricy that exists in the political arena. Here is an excerpt:

Turkey’s patience is finishing. The PKK is attacking civil targets in Turkey under the protection of Iraq and Iraqi Kurds. It kills police officers and soldiers. The PKK puts bombs to the school buses… And the USA says “we cannot do anything”.

It is not possible for Turkey to endure to this game.

Turkey also has a right of self defence and it has to use this right immediately. The Kandil Mountain and its environment is about to be bombarded in near future. What is more important is that the groups who are protecting the PKK in the North Iraq are all in the target.

The US also should know: The main reason of the US troubles in the region so far is that it became an enemy with anybody in the region, except the Kurdish tribes. Along the history the only super power which established its Middle East policy by excluding Arabs, Persians and the Turks all together is the US, and the failure is very vivid. If the US needs Turkey in any area, it must give up protecting the PKK in Iraq. The Turkish people never give tolerance to any super power which gives tolerance to an organization that kills their children. If the US is a superpower, it should have the power to prevent the terrorists to establish terror bases in north Iraq, if the US is not a superpower, Turkey has enough power to protect its children from PKK terrorism.

Trn. by Emre Ozkan, USAK
18 July 2006

By Assoc. prof. Dr. Sedat Laciner

~ by ziddi on July 20, 2006.

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