Turkish wimps

I was, and still am, always grateful for having been raised in Bahrain, an extremely peaceable island. It was a bubble no doubt, making the comprehension of events in the rest of the Middle East almost impossible for me. For instance, I can’t imagine what families of the victims’ in Lebanon must be feeling right now as Israel uses their kidnapped soldiers as an excuse to bomb bridges and airports in Lebanon (what’s the rationale?).

This the fine line that Israel has crossed in my opinion; someone in the Middle East has to let them know that they just can’t keep on walking all over their neighbors. And the only countries that can do that are those with comparable military capabilities.

Turkey maybe?

Probably won’t happen. But I’d like to see Turkish PM Erdogan trying explaining to God on judgement day why he refused to help his brothers in Palestine and Lebanon because of trading possibilities with Israel.

~ by ziddi on July 13, 2006.

3 Responses to “Turkish wimps”

  1. Well the peace in the Kingdom might be shortlived. Here MPs are up in arms to send the BDF and a colation style force to stop what is going on while we are just sitting here and watching. Nothing much will probably happen but if all the countries align together a new force will come up in the region.

  2. thats the worst way defence mechanism I’ve ever seen.
    Why dont you talk about whimpy bahrainians?

    anyway, I do not think Turkey is crazy enough to attack americaEuisrael just yet.

    while the arabs, who are supposed to be muslim brothers, supported the russians, pkk and armenian terror groups, americaEuisrael was Turkey’s ally. americaEuisrael still have 90 nukes in Turkey.
    Only because Turkey was very carefull and smart in using alliances, diplomacy, and mobster hitmen, (see the movie valley of the wolves iraq for a reenactment) Turkey did not have any big muslim vs muslim war like iraq-iran did.

  3. Haha, “Turkish wimps.” Sure, talk about muslim brotherhood right after turning on the Ottoman Empire, backing Russia, PKK, Armenian terrorist groups, curse the Turks off whenever you can.

    There’s no muslim brotherhood. Turkey isn’t a muslim country, it’s a country with a muslim-majority population. That Israel you condemn has helped Turkey a lot more than all the Arab nations combined, keep that in mind before asking for help from Turkey because of a supposed “muslim brotherhood.”

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