Why I hate Julie Foudy

Julie Foudy is the former U.S. football player who now ‘graces’ us with her presence on ESPN during the half and post-game analyses. She has officially ruined my half-time experience; the sacred 15 minutes I use to unwind and run my own analysis through my head. What’s worse, I can’t simply turn off the TV or change the channel when she’s on; I assume it’s the same reason why people tend to gather around a horrific car accident.

I was thinking about this the other day — just because a bricklayer is involved in the principal construction process of a building, I would not trust him to lecture me on the architectural intricacies of said building, let alone pay him to do it on national television. That is the tragic result of ESPN hiring Julie Foudy to torture viewers with her unimaginitive insight and terrible cliches. She makes Eric Wynalda (possibly the cockiest player-turned analyst on God’s green pitch) look like a pro.

For some reason, every channel is flocking to these former players including Coby Jones and paying them to sit in their commentary booth, when even the stale analysis on this site has more profound insight than theirs on any day, and that says a lot.

~ by ziddi on July 8, 2006.

12 Responses to “Why I hate Julie Foudy”

  1. I don’t care how chauvenist this sounds: KEEP WOMEN COMMENTATORS OUT OF MALE COMPETITIONS!

    I would sooner lay an egg, than care what they have to say. Why can’t some things be kept sacred? Let them comment on figure skating..

    Hey, how many men does it take to open a can of beer? NONE, because a woman should serve it to you already opened… When I’m bad, I’m bad….

  2. Thanx for checking out my Blog Ziddi. As for what you wrote, spot on and bloody hilarious mate. The Americans have a lot to learn about Football commentary. That is why I watch all my matches on Univision.

  3. Murat.. I hope your wife doesn’t know of your chauvenist tendencies… 🙂

    Clif… they *do* have a lot to learn… I especially hate it when they mistake Michael Shumacher or Jacques Chirac for Bierhoff..

  4. I can’t beleive you said that about julie. she is the reason why soccer is popular today. julie is awesome!

  5. She can definitely play (against women), I’ll give you that.. but only if she’s spoonfed the tactics. She’d make a crappy coach, and you know it.

    I would’ve loved to see the “popularity” of the game had the women’s team never won the World Cup. This country is filled with gloryhunters who jump on the football bandwaggon once their team reaches the top. The US men’s team is filled with incredible talent, but nobody will give them credit for making football popular, because they’ve never won a WC.

  6. she’s terrible. espn, step your game up, come on now… pick up the homey max bretos for interval analysis!

  7. She has single-handedly ruined half time commentary more than Seamus Malin ever possibly could. Thankfully, with her massive jawline, I just pretend I am watching a really ugly dumb man talking instead…

  8. She ruined my half-time reviews too, I got so mad i started googling her name, the two British guys are pretty good, she should stfu and listen to what these guys say, unbelievable is this Foudy. she is so horrible, anyone could analyze a match better than her (except the host).

    cheers !
    Sweden FTW !

  9. How can anyone say that soccer gained its popularity in the country with the womens olympic team?!!! What an insult. If you did not know about soccer before the olympics then you really are not a true fan of the game.

    Julie as a host blows!!!!! Ruined my half time as well. ESPN WTF???!!!

  10. Julie is Garbage, Someone stuff a soccer ball in her mouth! Then my halftime will get better.

  11. Shes great your a moron, nuff said you can’t argue…done don’t even try

  12. Im American and love the USA but this trannie Julie Foudy is the worst ever, EVER!!!!! Aside from being one of the worst looking women ever she almost seems to have no soccer knowledge. Its hard to believe shes not a dike like the rest of the US womens national team. But Any analyzing at half time or World Cup tonight has been runied by her. ESPN is notorious for hiring girls that are not attractive to broadcast. But they seem to reach an all-time low with Julie. She’s so ugly Its hard to get passed that mole of a face to even listen to her.

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