Kick the Germans out

If FIFA lets Germany and Argentina get away with the post-game clashes with only a warning, it will have confirmed to the whole world how hypocritical Blatter and his FIFA cronies actually are. After the Switzerland-Turkey clashes, several Turkish players and one Turkish coach were chastised and banned from future games, Turkey was forced to play their next batch of games behind closed doors, and most importantly, Switzerland (Blatter’s homeland) was let off the hook too easily, despite the obvious fact that the Swiss were the first to provoke the Turks in the first leg.

Klinsmann and Pekerman are both playing down the incident and saying the show must go on, but if no action is taken against either team–especially the Germans who were the first to stir up trouble–then I think the Turkish FA should stand up for its rights and start making some demands; it’s one thing to have a scuffle after a qualifier, but another to have an all out free-for-all in a World Cup quarter-final.

~ by ziddi on July 1, 2006.

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