15 people who (apparently) make America great

That was the name of a recent article I stumbled upon in Newsweek. Sounded interesting. I wanted to know who these gifted 15 people were. From a title as bold as that, it was pretty obvious that this whole country’s moral integrity as we knew it rested on these giants’ shoulders; their selfless deeds upholding the righteous fabric of the American Spirit.

So I click on the list.

Brad Pitt.

The actor with the IQ of a sink was one of the 15 people who made America great. And the reason? He lured the paparazzi to Africa, where people really needed the attention. Well, his luring the paparazzi to Africa was totally unintended; if he wanted to bring attention to Africa, he would’ve moved there with Jennifer Aniston. There is only one thing that lured Pitt to Africa, and it was definitely not the malnourished children.

Most of the other people in the list are either CEOs of obscure companies, or Internet entrepreneurs like Pierre Omidyar of ebay. I’m glad they included Pierre in this list. I can’t tell you how many people’s lives have been enriched now that they have the ability to buy that celebrity’s half-eaten sandwich they always wanted. Shipping included.

Another ridiculous inclusion was Soledad O’Brien, the overly proccessed face of CNN’s “American Morning”. Her fake smile and disposition make me sick. The reason for her inclusion was because of her brave reporting during Hurricane Katrina. I just don’t understand why people take reporters like Soledad O’Brien and Andersoon Cooper seriously. They’re just opportunistic actors masquerading as reporters for a breaking story. I realize that this is their job, but don’t play on people’s emotions by pretending you care whether their houses were flooded or not.

The only people who actually deserve to be on this list were all lumped into one single category called “philantropy’s all-star team”, and this includes names like Oprah, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and of course Bill Gates. Warren Buffet was missing from this list though.

I just hope Newsweek does a better job next time, and avoid succumbing to the age-old temptation to glorify ordinary folks like soldiers and nurses who, despite their obvious contributions to society, don’t hold a title any nobler than bloggers, for instance.

~ by ziddi on July 1, 2006.

4 Responses to “15 people who (apparently) make America great”

  1. haha.. brad’s such an idiot

  2. I enjoyed this blog entry of yours. It’s true that good looks and money make you “great” people. Would it be to much for the media to acknowledge everyday americans as hereos?

  3. What a farce. btw ziddi if u didnt recognise me its TechZ’s lil bro…

  4. Yep he told me a couple of days ago.

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