Czech Republic 3 – 0 USA

How pathetic was this USA squad? Any team that is this low on morale, or self-confidence does not deserve to be in a tournament of this calibre. They lost almost every 50-50 ball, and didn't even bother chasing down the balls they lost. Their performance was almost cringe-worthy, and I felt ashamed for even predicting they would emerge from this group. Although from the looks of it, USA will stand a better chance against Italy, by judging their game against Ghana… interesting to see how this group plays out.

~ by ziddi on June 12, 2006.

2 Responses to “Czech Republic 3 – 0 USA”

  1. From what I saw yesterday, USA are going to lose every game. Italy will be too strong and Ghana will win too.
    USA need more creativity, why didn’t they select Adu for the squad? I know he’s only 17, but it would have given him good experience and he may have provided something a bit different.
    Italy and Czech Republic will qualify (Brazil awaits one of them in second round).
    Would like to Czech’s top group but would also like to see them play Brazil, that would be the game of the tournament so far.

  2. Czech Republic is the 2nd best team according to FIFA standings after Brazil,so it was evident that they would put up a good fight…

    Btw i dont agree with carmig,the game of the tourney wud be England Brazil

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